Quality Instruction in Your Airplane at Your Airport

Instrument and Multi-Engine Ratings

Are you tired of canceling trips at the last minute because of marginal or IFR

conditions? Or worse yet, have you been stuck at another location and can’t continue

or get home because the weather has gone down? Can you spare 2 weeks to pursue the

instrument rating in a relaxed but competent manner? Contact us and we’ll discuss how

we can make 14 CFR 61.65 work for you.

Has your personal or business flying evolved to the point where you can appreciate the

security of a second engine? We’ll teach you how to fly a twin like a pro.

Complex and High Performance Endorsements

Are you finally ready to step up to your flying club’s Cessna 182 or Piper Arrow

but lack the necessary endorsements? Has a partnership opportunity opened up on

that sweet Bonanza in the next hangar? We can help you obtain the necessary FAA

endorsements and flight time requirements mandated by your insurance company.


Commercial / CFI / ATP Certificates

Are you ready to pull the trigger and finally pursue that dream of professional flying?  We’ll help you hone your skills sufficiently to put that commercial pilot certificate in your wallet.


Would you like a real challenge? Teaching others to fly is where the real action is.

Ask us about our CFI and CFII programs.


Does your logbook show 1500 hours of flight time? Are you ready for the ultimate

challenge? Contact us and we’ll talk about the Airline Transport Pilot certificate.


High Altitude Endorsement

Do you have your eye on that pressurized single or twin that’s for sale on the ramp?

Would you finally like to be able to fly in the flight levels above most of the weather?

Contact us and we’ll help you investigate the rarified air above 25,000 feet and add the

14CFR 61.31(g) endorsement to your logbook.


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