Quality Instruction in Your Airplane at Your Airport

Bonanza Owners

As a fully accredited Beech instructor, contact us for transition and recurrent training, flight reviews and instrument proficiency checks in your Bonanza or Baron. In addition, we can provide flight training resulting in the award of a Beechcraft Pilot Proficiency Program course completion certificate.

Aircraft Ferrying

Have you purchased an aircraft several states away and need someone to go get it for you?  Or have you sold yours to an out of town buyer and need it delivered ASAP?  Snowbirds!  Do you need your airplane brought down to Florida for the winter or brought back up North in the Spring?    Contact us for a quote on your next airplane move.  References available.

Transition and Annual Re-Current Training

You’ve just stepped up to a high performance single or light twin.  You have the ratings and endorsements but your insurance company wants you to get some ground and dual flight instruction before they’ll cover you as PIC.  They also require you to get annual re-current training to maintain your coverage.  Contact us and we’ll prepare a comprehensive program that goes beyond the insurance company minimums.

Ride Along Safety Pilot

Perhaps you’ve purchased that very capable cabin class piston twin or turboprop.  You’ve attended the one or two week initial training course at the large factory approved training provider.  You’ve completed the intense classroom and simulator sessions and the graduation check-ride in your new airplane.  Now your insurance company requires you to be accompanied by a qualified safety pilot for the next 10 to 20 hours to gain initial operating experience.  Contact us for a quote that will meet your needs.  Prospective MU-2 buyers, call me to discuss SFAR 108.

AOPA Pinch Hitter Course

Does your spouse or significant other want to know more about what’s going on as he or she rides along with you?  Are they secretly worried what they’ll do if you suddenly slump over the controls?  Contact us for a frank discussion of the benefits of AOPA’s acclaimed Air Safety Foundation PINCH HITTER COURSE™. 

FAA approved Remedial Training

Have you violated a regulation or bent metal and the FAA wants you to complete a course of remedial training?  Was your transgression a little worse and you are now facing the dreaded “709 ride”?  Cheer up!  We have worked with pilots in our area who have had those misfortunes and are now back to full flying status.  Have your FSDO call mine for the recommendation and then contact us for all the details.


Did you know that, on average in this country, there are approximately 1400 General Aviation accidents every year?  About 325 of those involve fatalities.  Are more regulations required to lower these numbers?  NEGATIVE!  Even the FAA admits that reg violations only account for about 25% of these accidents.  Why are corporate flight departments, Part 135 charter and Part 121 scheduled airlines boasting a much better accident rate?  The answer is re-current training which fosters an on-going culture of safety.  What do we have as Part 91 G.A. pilots?  A mandated flight review once every 2 years that only requires an hour of ground and an hour of flight.  That just won’t cut it anymore!  Log on to www.faasafety.gov and investigate the new WINGS program.  Then contact us for a program tailored to your specific flying needs.

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